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Beach protection

The earth's shorelines are retreating due to rising sea levels

Structures on or near the coast could be destroyed,but non-woven flexible Enka-G-Bag can form a solid seashore and riverbank protection.

Enka-Tex high-tensile woven fabrics, wrapped around the bottom layers of a structure, and securely anchored back into it, minimise local deformation and loss of stability.

Enka-G-Tube, perpendicular or parallel to the coastline, has proven to serve well in stimulating accretion in intertidal areas. It offers protection against tidal currents by acting as groyne or breakwater.


Enka Solutions products can offer an alternative to rock armour, which cannot always be used in populated areas or tourist resorts due to its hard structure.


  • Direct solution for erosion prevention.
  • Robust non-woven bags to be filled with local sand.
  • Can be used as building element.
  • Ideal for beach wall protection, revetments, breakwaters and riverbanks.
Enka-G-Tube indirect protection

Enka-G-Tube indirect protection

  • Adapts the current or wave action on the beach.
  • Installed perpendicular to block the current.
  • Causes sand to settle rather than being washed away.

Enka-G-Tube parallel installation

  • Installed under water parallel to the beach.
  • Waves break earlier and lose some of their energy.
  • The wave has less impact, reducing erosion.
Enka-G-Tube parallel installation
  • Energy absorption.
  • Erosion control.
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