Civil Engineering

Dewatering of sludge

A simple and low-cost method

Achieve up to 85% reduction in volume when removing water, to reduce the cost of transportation, and make sludge easier to handle.

Dewatering sludge achieves a dry more easily transported material, and allows further processing for agricultural or industrial use.

You can transport flexible lightweight Enka-D-Tube easily, using it close to the project location for the dewatering process, before restoring the site to its original shape.


Enka-D-tube is a simple and low-cost way to dewater sludge.

Enka-D-Tube dewatering tubes

  • Sludge is pumped from the water into the tubes.
  • During dewatering process, a cake forms inside the tubes.
  • This cake acts a natural filter and clean water flows out.
Enka-D-Tube dewatering tubes
  • Flocculants can help speed up the process by increasing the settlement speed.
  • The water is collected on a membrane and is channelled back to the lake or sea.
  • You can use Enkadrain under the tube to facilitate the run-off.
  • Filtration.
  • Containment.
  • Drainage.
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