Civil Engineering

Coastal & waterways infrastructure

Coastal and waterway infrastructure engineering


Rising water levels and severe weather occurrences can pose new threats to coastal defences and infrastructure.

Beach Protection

Structures on or near the coast could be destroyed,but non-woven flexible Enka-G-Bag can form a solid seashore and riverbank protection.

Coastal Protection

Use heavy non-woven and woven Enka-Tex fabrics as filter layers, offering proven performance in preventing instability of rock revetments.

Dewatering Of Sludge

Achieve up to 85% reduction in volume when removing water, to reduce the cost of transportation, and make sludge easier to handle.


Erosion is a risk when dykes are under regular attack, while 'piping' may cause serious damage during high water. Geotextiles can be used for soil stability while 3D erosion prevention mats can be installed above water level.

Green Erosion Protection

Erosion is when water or wind displace soil, such as splash erosion, sheet, rill, gully and stream erosion. Our biodegradable materials provide temporary protection until natural vegetation can take over.

Quay Walls

Reinforced soil solutions offer increased flexibility in the design and construction of quay walls. Concrete facings,with an appropriate mixes of synthetic fibres improve durability and crack resistance, and reduce maintenance.

Salt Barrier

To avoid the risks of capillary rise and salt damage to vegetation and paving, install a barrier layer between saline soil and clean soil.

Scour & Erosion Protection

Our products combine ballast with filtration to withstand the strong shear forces involved with underwater foundation elements such as piles, quay walls and bridge abutments.

Sediment Control

Use Enka-Tex silt screens to prevent silt plumes from migrating.

Soil Consolidation & Land Reclamation

On coastal reclamation works, the finished ground profile may not settle evenly. Releasing the groundwater and reducing the pore water pressure quickly allows you to complete consolidation settlement while reclamation works and infrastructure installation are underway.

Why low & bonar for Coastal waterways infrastructure?

Our geosynthetics have a long record in supporting infrastructure for erosion control, land reclamation, river and coastal works.

Our specialist engineers provide appropriate support and solutions.
Training and advice on the use of geosynthetics in civil engineering.
Calculations and models for all-round solution.
Specifications, installation, execution, post-installation support.

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