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Environmental engineering


Solutions for all your environmental infrastructure needs, also delivering cost, time and carbon savings.

Avalanche Mitigation Bunds

Constructing steep-sided rockfall mitigation bunds and avalanche dams is a common alternative to arrest netting. Reducing the risk to buildings and motorists as development moves into mountainous regions.

Dewatering of Fly Ash

Dewatering tubes provide a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable technology for containing and treating fly ash or pulverized fuel ash (PFA) from the combustion process in power stations.

Green Landscaping & Water Retention

SUDS replicate the natural drainage of a site to remove excess rainwater and reduce the risk of flooding, especially useful in urban areas.

Recycling Plants

With concrete in common use within reclycling plants, it can be subject to deterioration due to the harsh environment. Using fibre-reinforced concrete can eliminate some of the major issues related to steel reinforcement.

Slope & Rockfall Protection

Our erosion control products protect and stabilise slopes from wind and water erosion and prevent falls of debris, rocks and boulders.

Soakaways & Pervious Pavements

Permeable paving allows for the passage of water from the surface into managed drainage, reducing the increasingly regular risk of flooding.

Urban Development

With brownfield redevelopment now the norm, careful investigation of potential hazards is required. We offer a range of solutions to dust and run-off, as well as for noise and visual intrusion.

Water Edge Protection

Geomembranes used to protect retention ponds or lined impounding reservoirs need to be protected against UV and mechanical damage, usually by a layer of soil. Our products protect this soil from erosion and sliding, and encourages vegetation.

Wind Farms

The local soil in areas of wind farm construction is often weak and lacking bearing capacity for the heavy equipment needed for construction and maintenance. Use our geotextiles and geogrids to create a safe and economical construction site.

Why low & bonar for carrier for Environmental infrastructure?

Our geosynthetics have a long history supporting a whole range of environmental engineering projects.

Our specialist engineers provide appropriate support and solutions.
Training and advice on the use of geosynthetics in civil engineering.
Calculations and models for all-round solution.
Specifications, installation, execution, post-installation support.

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