Civil Engineering

3D Matting

Erosion protection by supporting vegetation growth


Strong 3D polyamide mats with an open structure create a protective, reinforcing layer enabling root systems to gain a secure hold.


A 3D TRM made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersection.The mat is used to prevent erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks, canals and reservoirs.

EnkaMat A20

Provides immediate erosion protection from high water velocities and small wave attack.

EnkaMat R45

High performance turf reinforcement. For reinforcing challenging environments - slopes, walls, embankments, platforms and vegetated channels.


A three-dimensional polyamide mat with reinforcing fabric, for stabilisation of soil and vegetation on steep or rocky slopes.

The offered solutions can differ per global region, to view the products available in your region filter your area under the 'Products' tab above.

why low and bonar for 3D matting?

To stabilise soil above, at, or below water level or on dry slopes or smooth surfaces.

Using well-rooted grass for erosion control.
Natural and attractive.
Vegetation can withstand erosion risks.
Green and permanent solution.
Durable and environmentally friendly.

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