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Read our project stories to see how our products and applications protect, stabilise and reinforce groundworks across a varied series of projects.

Dike Protection Against Erosion & Scour Due To Flooding

The Roy Hill Project is a 55 million tonne per annum (Mtpa) iron ore mining, rail and port project being developed in West Australia’s Pilbara region. Situated approximately 115 kilometres north of Newman, Roy Hill is a world-class, low phosphorus, Marra Mamba iron ore deposit.

Helping The Mediterranean Bypass Stand Firm Against Earthquakes

Enkagrid PRO has brought long-term stability to the embankments of a major infrastructure project that must face the threat of high seismic activity.

Soil Consolidation For A Continent-Linking Rail Project

How Colbonddrain Prefabricated Vertical Drains rapidly stablised weak soils ready for a major rail project, beating the timescale of traditional methods and significantly reducing construction time.

Keeping One of Europe's Biggest Rail Projects On Track, And Its Bridges Safe

A rail viaduct’s bridge abutments needed premium-quality protection from the damaging effects of water. Enkadrain TPL/1s was the ideal vertical drainage solution.

Successfully Dewatering Sludge When Conditions Resist Normal Dredging

When shallow water made dredging impossible, Enka-D-Tubes stepped in to drain sludge from a lake and rescue its holiday beaches.

Drainage, Reinforcement & Soil Stability Combined For Landfill Capping

Three-in-one Enkadrain solution saves time and costs on refurbishing a waste storage centre working to strict regulations.

Reinforcing Railway Ballast For An Urgent Station Renovation

Enkagrid and Enka-Tex deliver essential reinforcement and separation beneath railway ballast, during the renovation of a busy Budapest station.

Keeping A Car Park Well Drained, And A Market Square Safe And Dry

Enkadrain ensures excellent drainage for an underground car park, and prevents the risk of accumulating rainwater above.

Bank Protection For Supply Canal Resists Erosion & Brings Back Greenery

Enkamat A20 provided immediate and maintenance free protection against erosion for canal improvement in the Netherlands.

Giving A Peaceful Netherlands River Fast And Permanent Erosion Protection

Erosion had severely affected the banks of the Oude IJssel. Enkamat came to the rescue.

Turning Marsh Into Workable, Valuable Land

If Hemmingstedt’s marshland could be stabilised, it would become a useful commercial asset. Enkagrid was behind an ingenious solution that made it happen.

Securing The Levees of New Orleans To Protect The Lives of Its People

How Colbonddrain rapidly stabilised the region’s marshy soils in time for a critical upgrade of flood defences.


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